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Private Cities, Public Cities — Eruvin 59a

Private Cities, Public CitiesEruvin 59a

תלמוד בבלי מסכת עירובין דף נט/א

משנה עיר של יחיד ונעשית של רבים מערבין את כולה ושל רבים ונעשית של יחיד אין מערבין את כולה אלא אם כן עשה חוצה לה כעיר חדשה שביהודה שיש בה חמשים דיורין דברי רבי יהודה רבי שמעון אומר שלש חצירות של שני בתים:

  1. The Definition of a Private City (עיר של יחיד)

  1. Rashi — does not have 600,000 residents.
  2. Ramban, Rashba, Ritva, Ba'al HaMa'or — belongs to an individual (even if it has 600,000 residents.

  1. The Definition of a Private City that became a Public City (נעשית של רבים)

  1. Ramban — built by an individual for himself; the population either live in the city by the grace of the owner — who at most, sold them the houses, but retained ownership of streets and highways.
  2. Ritva — built by an individual, but thereupon sold by him to the population — however, the population still pays taxes to the original owner.
  3. Ba'al HaMa'or — same as Ramban; however, the population pays rent and thus has a share in the city.
  4. Rashba — same as Ritva; however, the owner has no financial or governmental relationship to the city — he is no longer owner thereof — it is merely known as "So-and-so's City."
  5. Rashi — the city has acquired 600,000 residents, but does not contain a Reshus HaRabbim.

Definitions 1&5 preclude the presence of a Reshus HaRabbim in this city. Definitions 2,3&4 allow for such a possibility.

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