Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Good BK Q, from our talmid Daniel Apfel

On :דף ג, the גמ' says that an אסומ', that a person puts into רשות הרבים, isתחלת עשייתן לנזק . רשי explains that this is so because when it became a בור, (when he put it in רשות הרבים) it was able to do נזק.
But, on :דף ו the גמ' says that a tree or wall that was in a persons private property that fall into the middle of רשות הרבים, and the person doesn’t get rid of it and it does damage, he's חייב. The גמ' continues to say that this is not a case of בור, rather it's learned out from both שור and בור. The reason this is says the גמ', is because its not תחלת עשייתן לנזק. רשי explains that the reason behind this is because when the wall was first built, and the tree first planted they were not able to do damage as a בור. But according to the first גמ' it should be תחלת עשייתן לנזק, because when they first were in רשות הרבים they were able to do damage as a בור?? So what is תחלת עשייתן לנזק? Is it that when it was first in רשות הרבים it was able to do damage as a בור, or is it that when it was first created/recognizable as a wall, tree, rock etc., it was able to do damage as a בור???


  1. You're still having formatting problems: it really shouldn't all be centered (you're probably missing a /center tag), that makes it harder to read; the Hebrew letter and word order shifts around, and it's gibberish when pasted into Avodah.

  2. I don't kow how to fix it, but I think it looks kinda nice like this anyway.

    The gibberish on Avodah has nothing to do with the blog, since it happens when I send direct. I think some people hav settings that can make it out and some don't. Sorry!

  3. I have to agree with thanbo - the centered formatting is kind of weird and does not help comprehension (although some may say it does not hinder). I also have the Hebrew word order mix-up every now and then.