Sunday, May 18, 2008

Looking for or to make a minyan in Banff, Shabbos Nachamu

We are planning to be in the Banff / Canmore /
Rockies area the week after Tisha B’Av, and are looking to find any
people who might want to get together to form/find a minyan for the
Shabbos of August 15-16. We know we can go to Calgary for
Shabbos, but are hoping we might find a way not to have to do that. Our
extended family group includes 6-7 males, so we are looking for 3-4



  1. Molly and I think its an interesting idea. She hasn't been to canada yet to see all my relatives there in edmonton and calgary, and its a family minhag in my family to go to banff after getting married (for a honeymoon) so I will let you know. I hope we can go!

  2. My wife and I would love to be in Banff for 8/12 to 8/19.
    The hold-up is the minyan.
    What are the results of your minyan quest.

  3. IY"H there will be a minyan with a Sefer Torah! I'll contact you by email with details.

  4. I plan on being in Banff as well.What are the details about the minyan?