Thursday, July 10, 2008

Worth Watching


  1. The man believes he experienced pretty much every aggadita about death from Chazal through R' Nachman literally exactly the way they're written.

    So, for example, he makes a point of stating at one point in the recording, repeating a few times for clarity, that he walked the way we normally walk. Neshamos have legs? There is gravity in Shamayim?

    Similarly, aveiros are not only the children of one's actions, but they actually look like children?

    And if it was a non-physical experience that his neshamah had to re-cast into familiar terms... No two neviim's souls would cast what they experienced into exactly the same sensory imagery. And yet he experienced it exactly in the imagery described in the texts.

    Speaking straight misvara, his recollections don't work.

    A funny thing about time in dreams... It doesn't correlate to the time that actually passes outside. More can happen in a dream that occurred immediately after losing consciousness or while regaining it than the time that elapsed.

    Someone who has strong expectations, such as someone who learned these sugyos and is the kind of person who paid for the matzeivos of two girls he never met despite having no stable income of his own, could very well fill in that blank with those expectations.


  2. I find this problematic on few levels.

    I was taught for some reason that no one ever died and came back to tell us what its like up there, it is one thing that still gives us Behira to not believe in in g-d and punishment.

    Second problem, I learned a Hazal that stated Chanania, Mishael and Azaria all died after the miracle at the furnace, because there were elevated to point were their Behira had no meaning and therefore they died. An experience of this caliber would seem to contradicts the pricinple of Behira.

    Third problem if you google 23 Minutes In Hell & Glimpse of Eternity (2007. Is a documentary on a Christian experaince of being judged in hell etc... He firmly believes he saw Jesus there, and etc...

    Bottom line I don't know what to think of this, Jew usually don't lie, not even for good reason but you never know?

  3. Here is the link the above christian doc.

    Ps, dont become a christian

  4. Can we compromise on this? Let us say it is not proof of anything, but a good tool for "yazkir lo yoom ha'misa" and "ha'chai yiten el libo."

  5. There is a Masgiach of the Star-K, I think, who also died and came back to tell of it. R Shmuel Schuman interviewed him on the phone, cross-refrenced his story with sources and gave a shiur on it Shavuos night. What a shiur it was!

  6. My wife has read a few books on near-death experiences, and what is odd about this case is that usually the person goes towards the light/tunnel, and maybe makes it to a field, and a flashback of thier life, but not past that. It is very odd to have someone go through shamayim as far as this guy did and come back and remember! For a very nice quick read on the subject with documentation and a Jewish perspective, check out the book "Soul Searching" from feldheim.

  7. The south Bend Rabbi is RElated How?

  8. First cousin. I understand the yeshiva there has very big problems. What's the scoop?

  9. I dont Know I heard some Kid saying somthing about Raabi Bechhofer making a wedding tonite but I think its closing.

  10. Would a non-Breslover also experience Zera Levatala as the biggest possible aveira?

    Would a non-Sepharadi also have a afterlife experience with Chacham Yosef Chaim?

    Would any other chilony want to see in Yeshiva Shel Mala a tanna famous in neo-kabbalistic/chassidic world?

    Who knows...

  11. And one more think. If this video made you believe and you want to change your life, please do me a favor: go to Aish or Ohr Somayach. Mekubal Rabbi Kook from Tiveria or Mohorosh Breslover from Yavniel can wait...

  12. One more THING. Too many typos for such short messages...Sorry.