Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Latest Chumra: Opening and Closing a Trash Receptacle Cabinet

In my response to the email at the bottom of this post, I was mattir. My correspondent cites the basis of the Machmirim. I would like to add that SSK classifies a graf shel rei'i as a kli she'melachto l'heter.

1. The garbage remains a graf shel rei'i - it may be carried from the cabinet inside the kitchen to another location when necessary.  2. I don't understand why this is a situation that requires tiltul min ha'tzad. That is very specific to peels and shells. Can you not bring a trash bag to a table in order to fill it up? IIRC, a graf shel rei'i does not require tiltul min ha'tzad.  3. This business of the fridge door is also mind-boggling. The opening of the fridge door is not a case of tiltul, but of opening a door. What's in the door is meaningless. (The cabinet with the garbage might be different, since you are opening it specifically for the garbage.)  4. I don't understand RSBC's sugggestion - putting something non-muktza in a garbage would generally make it ma'us and garbage in and of itself!  KT, GS, YGB  XXX YYY wrote: 
> concerning the second heter in the shmiras shabbos, I dont think it is > comparable to kli shemalachto l'issur because once the garbage is in > the can it is no longer considered graf shel re'ey so it no longer has > a heter tiltul, and therefore the can itself will not have a heter > tiltul.  > I spoke with my chavrusa concerning the first heter and he told me > that the shalmei yehuda quotes rav b__ z__ that it is assur to > lchatchila create a situation that would require you to rely on tiltul > muktza min hatzad.  He said that Rabbi S__'s told him that Rav > Elyashiv said that one should make sure not to have any muktza items > on a fridge door for this same reason.   See the end of Tosfos > (shabbos 123a). > R'simcha Bunim Cohen does not mention the issue of creating a > situation of tiltul min hatzad but suggests that one should open the > cabinet with his foot or place something non-muktza in the garbage.  > Rabbi S__ apparently said that he does not know why RSBCohen was not > concerned with the tiltul muktza issue but he told my chavrusa he > could rely on it anyway.    >   > kol tuv, >   > Netanel 

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