Thursday, July 23, 2009

Excellent Essay’alei-teshuva-in-co-pilot-seat/


  1. Nice, but how can things be changed? Any change in practice or "the way things are done" is viewed as crazy, crum, wierd, and a non starter. Plus, most BTs today are exprected to be absorbed into the FFB world so much that they become ashamed of being a BT, and begin to act like everyone else, and fall in line.

    The only way for BTs to help in my opiion is for BT Rabbis to orginize groups of BT families/communities and take advantage of the BTs lack of minhag to create a new look to Judaism that can handle the world today, changing what needs to be changed, and creating the new minhag america.

    ah dreams...

  2. how can he say that kids in public school have better derech eretz than kids in day school? this is absurd.

  3. While I agree with the author's attitude about FFB behavior, I think she misrepresents BT. There may be some BT who have the modesty and discernment she speaks of, but I see A LOT of BT who are arrogrant and specifically lack modesty. This is not to say those (lack of) middos are absent from FFB; they exist there, maybe even more prevelantly. I guess the point I am making is that being BT does not necessarily mean you are as the author described. The are plenty of BT who do not "measure up".