Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Fourth Yahrzeit of Gush Katif

Although I was for the retreat from Gush Katif, and remain convinced that it was the right thing to do, it is heart-rending to watch such expressions of pure Emunah in the face of a modern-day Churban. At the same time, it is heartening to know that there are, even in these jaded times, truly idealistic young men and women.


  1. The History of your people-all beggars and theives in 18 century-YEKKIES!?!?!?!?
    (Berel Wein)


    I guess wait are you includind the berel wein that was me try in IE not Firefox

  3. Why do you "remain convinced" ?

  4. i thin you'll be interested in this;

    peace interfaith

  5. Yeah man, I still don't understand the reasoning for the Gaza pullout. "Mima nafshach": if the settlements in Gaza shouldn't be there then neither should those in Hebron, Judah and Samaria. That's a hard thing to say, especially if you don't see Bnei Brak as the only city in Israel that's worth existing..

  6. I believe far fewer Jews have been killed R"L this way than would have happened otherwise.

    The truth is that I am not sure about Yehuda and Shomron either, but the demographics and security in Gaza was very different.