Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Tropper Matter

I commented on the Tropper/EJF issue several times on the comments page to RHM's Tropper post. See


  1. what about some comments that are now missing from that thread?

  2. HI YGB,

    I have a question, in a comment you wrote "I don't think RHM would want me to refer explicitly to the particular wicked man I have in mind, but he knows to whom I refer, and, in Hashem's continued birurim of the "Osim ma'aseh Zimri u'mevakshim sachar k'Pinchas," may this man speedily be brought to disrepute and rejection!"

    Is there any possiblity you would mention who this wicked man is?

    Kol Tuv,

  3. I beg you not to grace that hate filled blog with your poignant comments. There is nothing of substance being said over there.

  4. Rabbi Bechhofer. Thank you for your courage on this and other issues and for speaking "truth to power".

  5. I'm glad I was michaven to you (ba'avod reshaim rina, ger lo sanu), in my own initial reactions to this story.