Monday, January 18, 2010

A Remarkable Travel Resource!

I am traveling to EY tonight for a brief visit to my sons who are learning there. I googled "davening times flight to Israel" and got this remarkable resource:, which will calculate davening times for your flights (assuming standard flight plans) for flights from almost anywhere to anywhere!

Its results come in table form, with zmanin for Alos, Sunrise, Zman KS, Minchah Gedolah, Sunset and Tzeis including corrections for delays (in fifteen minute increments) for up to three hours.

A interesting tidbit is that at this time of year, the window for Zman KS - which, stationary, would be three hours (sha'os zmani'os), is right now in flight 1 hr 9 min.

This site should be a pre-flight must!

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