Friday, April 30, 2010

Great Post, Wonder Who Wrote It?

New York - Where Is The Mass Outpouring For Our Lost Kids?

Published on: April 30th, 2010 at 12:16 PM

New York - While our community leaders are busy dealing with the very important issues of helping Rubashkin, Grossman, and other communal issues – there is something happening each week and each day that is receiving very little coverage.

It is a ticking time bomb that is about to explode. Many of our kids have lost their direction.

Yeshiva boys are driving on Shabbos. Not only secretly, but out in the open. They are also smoking on Shabbos. Girls and boys are texting on Shabbos and using their iPods on Shabbos too. Our Yeshiva boys are smoking pot. Yes – pot.

Somehow, someway, we have failed to inspire our children in the traditions of our forefathers – to love Hashem and His Torah.

And it is not just the fringe kids. These are children from good families. Good homes.

The blight is happening across the nation, from California to Monsey to Lakewood and Flatbush. A doctor friend of mine recently observed that one of his patients was not wearing Tzitzis. He commented to the young man about it. The young man responded, “Tzitzis? I just woke up. I am not even holding by Tefillin anymore. Tzitzis is nothing..”

We have on our hands a problem of devastating proportion – the new assimilation that we last saw one hundred years ago when our great-grandparents first steeped foot on the shores of this country. Every Rabbi, every Yeshiva, every Torah organization should be having emergency meetings about it. But they aren’t.

I spoke to a Chassidish business colleague and to my utter shock – they are having the same problems in their communities. Their kids are falling and the Rebbes aren’t talking about it.

Rubashkin may be facing 25 years in jail and that is important. But where are the mass meetings about our fallen children? Where are the petitions and Youtube videos about our sons and daughters? I want a mass tehillim rally. I want to hear our community leaders talking about this.

The problem is so pervasive that there is probably not a Yeshiva in New York without a Pot problem or a “not davening” or “not putting on Tefillin” problem. So why aren’t we talking about it? If it is not spoken about – it won’t be addressed. If it is not addressed, we will lose our children and grandchildren forever. Not just for 25 years but forever.

Agudah, Torah UMesorah, where are you?? I await any response.

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  1. Has there been too much focus on the "Thou shalt not" aspect in the last few years? Perhaps more of an emphasis on God as a loving Father encouraging our success instead of a strict disciplinarian itching for us to fail so he can give us a whuppin'...