Friday, May 21, 2010

Lubavitcher Rebbe and ear Piercing

I received the following email:

Rabbi Bechhofer,

I've been listening to your very interesting Shiurim on Chabad on Torahanytime and from You mentioned that the Rebbe was against ear piercing and that Chabad interestingly did not follow his Psak. I noticed on the Chabadtalk forum they site this piece from the Rebbe - where he's Matir and they make no mention of any issur. I was curious if you saw his Psak issur in print or heard it?


I would like to concede the point, that I was in error, and that the Rebbe in fact seems to have preferred pierced ears over clip-on earrings, as per the image above. My only "limud zechus" on myself is that the Rebbe held the issue worthy of a she'eilas chacham!

Worthy of note is the reference to the Radal, as per the other image above!

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