Tuesday, January 18, 2011

מי יעלה בהר ה: Who Can Pasken?

When I went to Rav Yitzchok Koolitz zt"l to get semicha, I told him a shtickel Torah on Hil. Melichah. At some point I said הש"ך טעה. He gave me that smile that an Adam Gadol often gives you just before he is about to rebuke you and said לא מתבטאים ככה על הש"ך. He was right, of course. It's the same thing that your Rebbe was telling you when he said that we don't call an Amora a "guy". If you don't have אימה, יראה, רתת וזיעה before saying Chazal "made a mistake" - and even then not saying it, really, but לא זכיתי להבין - you have no business in the world of psak.