Tuesday, November 08, 2011

YUTorah Online - Hesped for Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel (Rabbi Hershel Schachter)

YUTorah Online - Hesped for Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel (Rabbi Hershel Schachter)

A hesped for Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel, delivered by Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer


  1. of course you dont have to go as far as nzf. hershel shechter and his superstar talmidim made it, and they all went to mo schools.

    or is there something better because nzf went to an mo school and made it in a hareidi place?

  2. To the best of my understanding, RHS was already a superstar in high school - one of the born gedolim, as it were - and, in any event, he did not go to a co-ed high school.

  3. but he went to mta, just like the kids you were talking to. surely they can relate to this.
    and what of sobolofsky, from sar?

  4. Would you like someone to say a hesped on Rabbi Sobolofsky, c"v?!

    What, exactly, is your point? I can't fathom it. Davar b'itto mah tov, v'ha'chai yitten el libbo. There were no hidden agendas - not in RHS's remarks, nor in mine.

  5. oy. i dont think you thought my intention was that someone should say a hesped for r. sobolofsky.
    just as you knew i didnt mean for someone to give a hesped for rhs.
    my point, as you could have easily understood, was that the kids could be inspired by living breathing examples that walk around their campus -- examples that are easily of rntf caliber, with similar backgrounds to these kids.
    rhs hesped was without agenda, as he gave a very personal perspective of the man.
    you gave divrei chizuk, which may be true of rntf, and is at least equally true of the man who preceded you in the hesped.

  6. And I flatter myself that they are true of myself as well, having grown up in West Hempstead as many of them are doing today.

    This is not the point. The point of divrei chizuk at the time of a person's petirah is to learn from him. Which was my primary focus. The "one of us" was a simply a preamble underlining our capacity to absorb the lessons I think we should take.

    You focused on the introduction, and ignored the actual divrei chizuk (sever panim yafos; deliberation and thinking before speaking).

    Rather than see that the yom ha'misah is a time to take chizuk from the niftar that can be taken at other times from other people as well, you decided that there was some "charedi" agenda involved.

    V'al dah vadai ka'bachinah.

  7. your divrei chizuk were very nice.

    why should it be such a chidush that a local boy did good?
    why cede torah to chareidim?

    yes, i focused on the intro. so what?
    did you talk in a similar way on the death of r amital?
    when rhs or someone local and comparable comes to speak to the boys do you tell them hat he started just like them?

    on a slightly different note, i suppose you would give the same hesped for an mta grad [not the most elite of high schools] who made it big in the world of the university, business, law, medicine, etc. [and was an exemplary jew]? after all, in principle the same hesped applies...
    off topic:
    did you ignore the element of nepotism in [more often] hareidi yeshivas, so that rntf may have been the rosh yeshiva of the worlds largest yeshiva, he was not necessarily the greatest talmid chacham?