Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conflicting Values

Hamlochas chavercha alecha vs. tzniyus...


  1. i do not understand your hamlochas chavercha comment.

  2. אגרת הגר"א ז"ל

    וגם לאמי בקשתי, שיהא שלום בין שניכם ואשה את רעותה תשמח בדברים טובים, כי זה מצוה גדולה לכל אדם, ו"שואלים לאדם בשעת הדין כו' המלכת את חבירך בנחת רוח", הרי צריך שימליכהו בנחת, ובזה רוב התורה לשמח לאדם

    If blurring the face dehumanizes...

  3. Could you be a little less cryptic and elaborate on your intent here?

  4. Actually rabbi Yourchoice of pesukim is fine. I think any intellectually honest person will admit that you have to be aware of and concernrd about how what you say will be taken and perceived. The height of chutzpah is to think that we are in charge of the Ribbono Shle OPlams Torah, and we can decide who it is for, and who it is not for. Some people are going to be very surprised at how all their l'shem shomayim got them into gehinom. Hopefully their ignorance will alow them to believe it is really gan eden