Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tonight! Sources for Conference Call Shiur on "The Internet Asifa and RSRH"

Tonight (Thursday, June 14) at 11:00 pm EDT (8:00 pm PDT)!

Conference Call Shiur on
The Internet Asifa and R' Samson Raphael Hirsch

To join the conference call:
Dial: (209) 647-1600
Access Code: 435678#

Additional Help

Joining the Conference - At the scheduled date and time of the conference call, dial  the conference line and enter the access code followed by the pound sign when prompted.
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  1. From the Hashgacha Pratis department: Tonight is RSRH's 204th birthday!

  2. A breath of fresh air!

    An inspiring shiur full of optimism and hope.

    The beginning of a true vision for K'lall Yisrael

    Thank You!

  3. In all my years in YRSRH, I had never heard a tenth of the philosophy of Rav Hirsch delivered as eloquent as tonight's conference shiur.

    11pm is usually pretty late for me,otherwise the format works fine.
    -Ahron M.


  5. I believe this shiur has the potential to be the start of a series of shiurim for so many mevakshei Hashem. I believe RYGB said he is opened to give more shiurim along the lines of tonight's shiur for those of us interested.

    I have been so thirsty to hear this sort of shiur. Thank you RYB for pouring water on parched throats!

    I look forward to hearing more and more! You have a new talmid!

  6. I could not hear the shiur during its live presentation, but I just finished listening to the mp3 recording. Please put me on the list for the forum / shiur / conference call / discussion.

  7. I also just listened to the MP3 of the shiur, although I am already on you usual mailing list, I want to be sure to be included specifically for this type of shiur should that become a separate list.

  8. just found out about this now, on Sunday after the shiur; anyway to download it ?

  9. I thought the shiur was great we DO need more of this.
    The difference b/t a movement and an organization was very interesting, as was everything else.

    Yashar Koach!