Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A guest post by me on RHM's blog


  1. And yet context does matter, but your point about looking at the overall pattern of the posek is extremely important.
    But the YCT approach is essential to their method of psak. Giving overall importance to the context of society around oneself is the only way they can justify their various egalitarian and same-sex initiatives and still consider themselves "halachic".

  2. That is exactly the point. Their system is essential to their mission.

  3. RYGB - would appreciate a follow up to certain questions left on rhm's blog. specifically why do you think your quote from ROY answered my questions.

    to gabriel ironheart - and to what did Rav ovadia yosef do with the bat mitzvah issue - not pay attention to the society around him? or the seredei aish?