Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rabbi Moshe Shimon Sivitz - YouTube

Very cool, a clip of RMS Sivitz zt"l,
author of the "Mashbi'ach" on Yerushalmi, a favorite sefer of mine.


Anonymous said...

Are those his children?

Anonymous said...

It seems they are indeed his children... see these comments:

thanbo said...

Huh. I suppose he was my cousins' rabbi - from Kovno (Vilijampol), lived in Pittsburgh until the mid-1970s. Kadisohn/Cadison, their name was. People I spoke to out there, who are involved in the upkeep of the Jewish cemeteries, remember them fondly (2 old ladies, schoolteachers, never married, cousins of my great-grandmother). One of them married into the family of the encyclopedist Judah D. Eisenstein.