Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video and Audio: Another Town, Another Pasul Eruv: The Issues that Render Most Eruvin in North America Invalid


  1. Have you looked at the Queens/KGH eruv?

  2. I am unable to access video from this computer, but I must ask - why are you giving lectures purporting to show most eruvin in North America (and consequently most orthodox Jews are violating shabbos?) Hilchisa ki-makillin b'eruvin. Even if you disagree with the opinions of the makillin, the halacha is in accordance with them, not you. So why entitle your lectures this way? Does it not appear not only to flout dinei eruvin, but also to be motzei laaz al harishonim? Even if you have heoros or sevaros to assur, would not prudence and common sense dictate that such thoughts be held privately, rather than be stated publicly?

    As a related, though diffrent, question - it's easy to look for issurim. Anyone can do it. Shouldnt we be using our knowledge to promote hetterim, instead? Especially in things like niddah or eruving, where explicitly we are bidden to be meikil?

    I apologize if you address these questions on the video I cannot access.