Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks at MTA

Greeting Rabbi Lord Sacks after his talk at MTA this past week.

We discussed his "debate" with Richard Dawkins that I often show to talmidim. and told me about some of the good stuff that ended up being cut.


  1. tell us some of the "good stuff" that ended up being cut...

  2. I wonder why you put debate in quotes.

  3. It was too amicable to be defined as a debate.

    One of the things was that he asked Dawkins whether he was an optimist, to which Dawkins answered yes, and Rabbi Sacks asked him where was the evidence...

    He also cited the Nobel Prize statistics, and Dawkins conceded - and, it seems, now does so on the circuit as well - that there is something unique about the Jews.