Wednesday, June 25, 2014

There are some things I am counting on to get me into Olam Haba...

This email I received a few minutes ago is one of them. I wanted to share it not just for the nachas, but to show that you never know what a moment of inspiration will do - one morning at 5:30 am is all it took...

Hope u are well... Just wanted to let you know that... You woke up an extremely Dormant yeshiva boy... with no love of Gemorah... In your zichut I just finished round 2 of the daf! 

Not only that... I am an addict... Wherever I go... My gemorah is nearby... Not only that... Approx 11 years ago I convinced _____ ________ to give sheur after early minyan at __ _____ and we have a minimum of a minyan every am! You get the Olam Habah points for this!

All of this is due to you ! For without you... I would still be languishing in the dead I hate gemorah zone... So as I have begun round 3... Besides thanking  HBH I must thank YOU for agreeing to learn תענית with me at 530 am in ____ at the ______ ________ inauguration... It changed my life in so many ways!    

May Hashem grant you so many more zchuyot to be marbitz Torah for a zillion years ! 

Thank you!

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  1. That's really beautiful. I'm glad you shared it. Yasher Koach!