Sunday, December 21, 2014

Moriya: A promising new girls'/women's group!


Exciting news! I know the founder of the group, and anticipate great things from it!

Moriya is an international society uniting Jewish girls and women in striving to become more complete Jews, through exploration of the mesora, of the world to which we apply it, and of the unique gifts each of us brings to this task.Moriya members are Jewish women and girls, ages seven to adult.In-depth study and discussion of Torah texts... discovering effective ways to help others... making shoes, beading jewelry, paddling canoes, using chemicals to blow flaming bubbles... 


Q. Mori-what?Moriya is an organization similar in form to Boy Scouts, but for girls and with Torah as well as general content. Unlike Scouts, it's also open to adults.

Q. Is Moriya a club?Yes! Members meet in groups to work toward their goals. You can also join Moriya without being part of a group.

Q. Does Moriya have a curriculum?Yes! Members choose an area of focus, like woodworking or a parsha or midda (character trait). They explore that area of focus through learning and discussing Torah texts, and hands-on activities. Finally, they design a chesed (lovingkindness) project using their new expertise.Moriya provides a detailed curriculum to facilitate all this.

Q. Does Moriya feel like school?Nope! Moriya is extra-curricular and largely open-ended. Groups can choose whether they want a scholarly focus or a theme that's almost entirely hands-on.

Q. Give me an example.One group of 4th-5th grade girls has chosen to focus on leather-working. We're learning how leather was processed and used in the Mishkan and we'll also touch on some other instances of leather in the Torah (can you think of the first one?). The girls learned how to polish shoes, and will be making their own leather ghillie brogues; and we'll see how leather is tanned (the girls will have a chance to try it). When we're all done, we'll figure out a way to use our new knowledge for the benefit of the community, and do it!

Q. Is Moriya Girl Scouts?Nope! Moriya is international and specifically Jewish. It is not affiliated with WAGGGS.

Q. Do I have to pay to join?There is no fee to join. Groups may charge a small amount to cover expenses. We try to keep the expenses as minimal as possible! Scholarships are available.

Q. How can I donate?In Canada, donations may be made via the Kollel of Ottawa, with a note that the donation is for Moriya. You will receive a Canadian tax receipt.In the US, donations may be made via the Portland Kollel, with a note that the donation is for Moriya. Donations are tax deductible.Make sure to check out the rest of the Portland Kollel website: it offers lots of great programs, even if you do not live in Portland!

Q. How can I find out more? Is there a Moriya group in my community? Contact us!

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