Monday, April 27, 2015

Uncle Rabbi Dovid Schochet on the "Kosher Switch"


  1. As I concluded with the help of Avodah discussion.... The question of gerama appears to be where you draw the line between the issur of talking a candle outdoors when it's not windy, but will be, and the permissability of opening a window next to a lit flame.

    It is not as conclusive as RDS makes it sound that the permissive case is specific to kibui on Yom Tov. It could be the difference between doing a maaseh kibui or an act that isn't usually associated with kibui. Or between kibui being your intended goal, or if it is getting some air into the room.

    Something I found interesting is that none of the teshuvos on KSTI's web site invoke the 2nd random element -- that it won't always go on even when the random delay goes off. They're simply taking a different definition of gerama than RSZA did when Machon Zomet approached him about the Gerama Switch.

    But the issur of zilzul is unavoidable by definition. The whole thing is about looking for ways to intentionally circumvent Shabbos's prohibitions.

  2. I would like to see a discussion of the prohibition of turning a light switch on or off on Shaboss. I understand, originally, it was a machlokes. Would like references to the original response.