Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Negi'ah; Touching on Related Subjects As Well: Video and Audio

Shiur at the MTA field day at Camp Monroe, 24 Iyar 5775. Since the shiur took place outdoors, the video is poor quality, but the audio is fine.

Audio MP3

Updated: A better audio, courtesy of Ari Brandwein:

Improved Audio


  1. I don't understand your reference of Ahava from the Arabic HAV.
    Didn't Hebrew exist before the world was created, certainly before Arabic.

    Furthermore, I don't get your Mashal of eating in the restaurant alone.
    Of course I would rather partake of my victuals with someone else, but if I am starving, and I have no mutual outlet, it may not be the best meal of my life - but I will be satiated.

  2. 1. Aramaic, not Arabic. As they are very close cognates, they can be cross-referenced. It might even be actually Hebrew - see Bereishis 11:4, 11:7, 29:21 and many other places.

    1. Some research indicates that Hav and Ahav are not related.
      Hav is lashon tzivuy of Yahav(may come from Aramaic also see Arabic Wahaba) while Ahav appears to be related to the Ugaritic (From which Hebrew is VERY VERY close to and is in the same Kenaani langauge family as) Shoresh AHB and may be related to Arabic hàbba (meaning he got into motion)
      Interestingly,Linguists say that Arabic and Hebrew both come from a proto-semitic langauge and Hebrew underwent what's called a "kenaani shift" from that language which included a number of changes like for example making A's O's (compare Al-Salaam and Shalom; to take another example the nekudot for kol always say Kal which was restored from Arabic and doesn't have the Kenaani shift which makes it Kol, the prounciation as Kol was confirmed by the Plene spellings found in Qumran.)

    2. Not convincing, but interesting. In any event, the linguistic parallel is not germane to the abstract idea.

  3. 2. Of course you will be satiated - but there are so many other nuances that you will not experience. I just did a google search on "Why don't people eat in restaurants alone" and so many results are people trying to explain why it's OK to eat alone - the obvious point is that they are on the defensive because they are running counter to the norm.