Friday, September 11, 2015

Mechanchim, Heads Up!

I came back to the Fall term to be almost immediately shown this clip by a talmid. It is a classic devastating leitzanus achas dochah elef tochochos! Within just the first couple of days several things that I said were dismissed by some talmidim as "Buchwuch."

Ah, the challenges of chinuch in the 21st century!


  1. The notion that Judaism was invented for its 'easy parts' is not that hard to refute.

  2. Its our own fault, our rabbis prefer telling cute stories of helping othres in need, giving diatribes for or against elected officials, and don't mention the principles of the faith. Do you remember Kimelman's best selling book about jewish belief, Conversations with Rabbi Small? He couldn;t give an answer to this question, and waffled that very orthodox Jews believe in an afterlife but would not say what he thought. If rabbis has a reputation for giving calm clear answers, such skits would not be written. I think the rabbis are scared of pushing people away by giving clear cut pictures of belief, and are much more comfortable saying that cold-comfort-ice cream stores are not under the OX supervision, although the packged cold-comfort in the supermarkets is under the OX

  3. Lighten up a bit Rabbi Bechofer this clip (I can only assume you mean this: is hilarious.