Tuesday, May 09, 2017

in honor of R' Avrohom Elya Kaplan zy"a's 93rd Yahrzeit, 15 Iyar

In honor of Reb Avrohom Elya's 93rd yahrzeit on 15 Iyar, 30 La'Omer, two chevrusos from Phoenix, AZ, Rabbi Nosson Ungar abd Reb Jeremy Rovinsky, have translate the entirety of Shtei Derachim, the second ma'amar in B'Ikvos HaYirah, a seminal work on the Chassidus/Misnagdus divide. Yeyasher kokham l'oraisa!

-Rav Avraham Eliyahu (Elya) Kaplan (1890-1924). Named for his father, who had passed away suddenly at the age of 33 several months before his son’s birth, he was born and spent his early years in his maternal grandfather’s house in the town of Kaidan, a suburb of Kovno, in Lithuania. He studied for several years in Telshe, then studied in Slabodka for seven years. He was one of the founders of a Torah youth movement “Torah v’Oz,” and a parallel educational movement for girls, “Agudas Bnos Yisroel.” Reb Avraham Elya’s movement then blossomed into a national organization known as “Tzi’irei Yisroel. The final period in Reb Avraham Elya’s life began in 1920, when he both married the daughter of a distinguished family from Telshe, and became a Rosh Yeshiva at the Hildesheimer Seminary in Berlin.

(The original can be found at http://www.aishdas.org/raek/2derachim.pdf)


  1. Do you know how to reach the authors? I would like to put an HTML version up under the RAEK page on aishdas.org