Thursday, March 01, 2018

Toras Purim 5758: Hegeh and Bigsan, Roshei Perokim

Against, b'kitzur nimratz.

Before he met Esther the watchman on the women's house was הגא with an aleph.

After meeting Esther he became הגי with a yud - evidently indicative of a his'alus.

But we know that the yud taken from Sarai complained until it was affixed to the beginning of Yehoshua.

So where did the aleph from Hegeh go?

It went to Bigsan.

In the beginning of the Megillah he is plain בגתן.

When the story is read to Achashveirosh he is בגתנא.

But why...?


  1. The gematriya of בגתנא with the א added is 456 which equals the word תנו as in the first word in the pasuk in Mishlei 31:6 תְּנוּ שֵׁכָר לְאוֹבֵד וְיַיִן לְמָרֵי נָפֶשׁ.
    אובד means "to destroy" as in ארמי אובד אבי, and we know that בגתנא was destroyed by being executed! Of course, the word would appear in a verse taking about wine, as the whole Purim story revolves around wine! Where the liquor fits in, I'll leave that for someone else to figure out!