Monday, December 10, 2018

Rabbiner Doktor

Many years ago, I took a course in JHU together with Rabbi Zalman Leff shlita, now Rosh Kollel in Boston. My secular name is Robert, and the professor called me Bob. 

Reb Zalman henceforth called me Dr. Bob, and the nickname stuck at NIRC.

Some 40 years later it has become a reality.

As this was a PhD by prior publication, my "dissertation" was my sefer, The Contemporary Eruv. However, I did have to write a journal article and a commentary on my work. The commentary is at 

the article has been posted here before. It is at

In the meantime I would like to thank HKBH.


 My in-laws, especially my mother-in-law, for their extraordinary encouragement and assistance,

Rabbi Michael Broyde and Rabbi Shlomo Pill for their guidance and assistance,

My wife, for everything.

I am sad that my mother a"h did not survive to celebrate this moment. She pushed me for many years  to get to this point. May she have much nachas in Shomayim.


  1. Your mother is definitely shepping Yiddishe are all of us!
    Keep up the good work Dr. Rabbi Professor (or is it Rabbi Dr. Professor)

  2. Addressing your invitations has become complex. Rabbi Dr and Dr? Rabbi Drs? Rabbis Drs? Drs and Rabbi?
    I remember my first semicha, granted at NIRC by a musmach friend so I would qualify for a discount on the telephone I had in my dorm room. Good luck monetizing this well deserved honor.

  3. When discussing the appointment of Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog to the the chief rabbi of Israel, some "yeshva" rabbis thought that a Rabbi Doctor would cause an exodus of yeshiva students. Rabbi Yechiel Tukachinsky, head the Etz Hayim Yeshiva in Jerusalem asked Rabbi Herzog if he would drop "doctor" from his title. Hertzog said, "No."

    Be proud of the recognition of the doctorate.