Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Yuter on Bechofer (sic)

Perhaps because after spelling it right the first time, the next 29 times he misspelled my name with only one h, I only today stumbled on:

The Haredi Reading of Jewish Law: A Review Essay of Steven H. Resnicoff, Understanding Jewish Law
Review of Rabbinic Judaism
Author: Alan J. Yuter
Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding, Ohr Torah Stone, Efrat, Israel

Online Publication Date: 27 Jan 2014
Volume/Issue: Volume 17: Issue 1
Article Type: Research Article

I am privileged to be attacked witheringly by Rabbi Dr. Yuter over the course of some 26 pages (far longer than the original essay by which I provoked his ire). It's a fun read, and the link below will lead you to a pdf of the relevant section.

Enjoy! Comments Welcome


  1. I presume the word "incite-ful" was not a mistake.
    BTW, he is mistaken about the Israeli Supreme Court - the justices serve only until the age of 70, thank G-d.

  2. Your article on Elu v'Elu that this essay is attacking is one I used as source material for a shiur given on Shavuot night for many years. It's an extremely well written and cogent piece. A classic.

    The author of the article who is attacking you consistently misunderstands and ignores your main thesis and just blunders forward on his merry way. It seems that Rav Elchonon Wasserman's famous explanation as to how wise sages of the world are seduced by, and therefore blind to, their own biases is most certainly applicable here.

    1. "His merry way" is a good way of putting it. It makes me merry to read his screed. :-)