Friday, October 04, 2019

Tefillah: An Insight and a Question, Agudah and Atah Gibbor

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The insight concerns the word אגדה - it is spelled חסר in the סידור. The letter missing from the sequence is a ב because the letter Beis represents duality and separation - the antithesis of our quest לאגד.

Furthermore, the gimatriya of אגדה is 13 - אחד. No further explanation necessary.

The question - to which I do not yet have an answer - is why in אתה גבור the first שם is spelled אדנ-י and not, as the rest of the names in Shemoneh Esrei are - with the שם הוי"ה. The first שם in thew Shemoneh Esrei is also a Shem Adnus  - אדנ-י שפתי תפתח - but there are reasons given for that permutation. I have not seen any reasons for this permutation.

Answers are welcome!


  1. There is a holy name of א-ג-ל-א which should be concentrated on when reciting the first 4 words of the beracha, which are the Rashei Teivot of that name.

    See the Kaf HaHayim 114:3:

    That would only work with the Shem Adnut.

  2. About Atah Gibbor... Havayah is Chessed, not Gevurah. “Atah Gibbor le’olam H...” would make little sense.

  3. See Hebrew Rinas Chaim (Friedlander) on Shmoneh Esrei, pp. 37-38, for a creative answer

  4. עי' בס' נטריקן לבעל הפמ''ג סוף קו א' ותמצא חפץ