Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Coronavirus Thinking Points

I was just presented with the query:

"I have a hard time accepting that everything is for the best. I don't see how this Corona thing for example could have been for the best."

This was my quick and immediate answer. Much of this has already been said:

We cannot know why it's good for the entire world. But just as a hint of a possibility, even in Italy, the water in Venice is more clear than it has been in decades, and dolphins have been coming into the city. This may be God correcting humanity's damage to the environment.

For Jews, there are several direct lessons, which = good reasons. 1. The Mikdash was charev over sinas chinam, Mikdeshei Me'at being charev shows us that we must work on this. 2. No one is going away for Pesach, sedarim will be smaller, no lavish weddings or bar mitzvahs etc. Jews have to check their excesses.

Back to the broader view, there are other trends that we cannot yet grasp: Home learning, working from home, etc. - who knows where these are going? Society will never look the same again.

Finally, the main reason, in my mind, for bad things like this to happen, is to create heroes. Simple people are doing great, altruistic things. Me, not so much, but many, many others. The WSJ had an article on it today. God seeks to bring out the heroic in people. For many reasons.


  1. Update.

    Evidently the specific example from Venice was not true:



    But the smog did clear over China, right? ;-)

  2. The midrash states that 'dever godol' will come to the world before moshiach.
    https://twitter.com/search?q=sylvia%20browne%20coronavirus&src=typeahead_click I also believe that it will vanish suddenly similar to the plagues in Egypt which didnt last long.

    1. Yes, this is a well known Midrash. However, there have been far more devastating plagues in the past which were not followed by Bias Moshiach. So, while we hope this is it, we cannot anticipate that this is it.

    2. To my knowledge there has never been a plague on the whole world at once.