Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Contemporary Eruv cited in Harper's (para. #4)


  1. I know I have seen this question if not its a pretty good one i am sure there is a simple answer So I decided to take the liberty to ask it here in last weeks Parsha it says
    תנו לכם מופת-יהי לתנין. י ויבא משה ואהרן-ויהי לתנין. יב וישליכו איש מטהו-ויהיו לתנינם
    And then all of the sudden at the end
    אשר-נהפך לנחש Why?WHY here and why mid description throw down its one thing and pick up something else what happened thanks in advance

  2. I think you have "stumbled" onto a point I never noticed before. Moshe and Aharon has each their own staff, Moshe's became a "nachash" (bark in Chap. 4),while Aharon's becomes a tanin (here). Then Hashem tells Moshe take your staff - the one that turned into a nachash, not the one that turned into a tanin.

  3. so they just left it there ok