Monday, February 11, 2008

Nachas Note!

Dear Rabbi Bechofer,

My name is ... Around a year ago, I contacted you to thank you for your excellent shiurim on sefer Shoftim, as I was beginning to listen in. Despite a forced break over the summer, I finally finished this past week. So, part one of this email was simply to thank you for these shiurim. Every day on the bus to yeshivah I listened in for 15 or 20 minutes.

You have to understand this. I work as a programmer in the evenings. That means I get 5 hours of sleep on average. I’m exhausted during the day. With the exception of some longer, kabbalistic, Rav Tzadoks, you had me pretty captivated. On top of that, being raised in the secular world, I have an appreciation for those who can speak clearly and communicate well. Finally! A shiur without “yeshivish”! J

I should tell you that I did get a good chuckle. I’m currently living in Neve Yaakov. As I was listening to the shiur about the Pelegish B’Giva, you made mentioned that Giva was located where Shuafat is located today. I turned my head to the right, as we turned out of Neve Yaakov, only to be greeted by Shuafat. It’s good to live here J

Again, I have to thank you very much for the shiurim.

The second part of this email is so that I can demand more! After Purim, I plan to begin Shmuel Alef. I noticed the site hasn’t been updated in the year concerning the Nach shiur, so I was wondering if there is somebody who has Shmuel Beis. I like to prepared for the future. Also, if you did Megillas Esther yet and somebody recorded it, I was wondering if I can get in touch with them.

As I said, I became an addict J

Again, I thank you very much for the excellent shiurim. May you continue to give more… and put them online for some of us!


  1. Ditto - a small, innocuous word, that is hardly proper (although it seems to have been used as early as circa 1639, which makes it acceptable to me), but which conveys my sentiments precisely. I have written you on many, many occassions and even spoke with you, and my hakras hatov for what you do (and did) is immense.

    If there is anything I can do personally to help in the upload process (or to make it more feasible for those who do it), please let me know!

  2. Rabbi Botton of wrote me:

    "...I will God willing be completing the program in a few weeks and am looking forward to be able to catch up on your tapes as well as move forward on a number of other projects that have been regretfully on hold or barely moving. "

    In the meantime, one of the OS alumni has offered to post some of the shiurim that I gave on the Megillah, which he has in mp3's. Stay tuned!

  3. Is it known Why Rabbenu Gershon's Son Converted? Is there a Sefer or Book That goes Through the story?

  4. Sorry, don't know anything about it.