Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Possibly the Best Speech I Have Ever Heard!

Rabbi Shlomo EinhornRabbi Shlomo Einhorn
The Last Lecture
Given On: Thursday June 10, 2010
Given at: YU High School for Boys

This talk was given as Rabbi Einhorn's Last Lecture at MTA High School. It was given in Lamport Auditorium to the entire student body and faculty.


  1. Very nice mussar shmooz. But I googled 'pantheon paris monarchist terrorist' and didn't find anything. what's the date of the incident he remembers?

  2. It's fictitious! It is a brilliant flourish (and amusing for those of us who realize the absurdity of the scenario) that brings the points home.

  3. LOL!!

    It mamesh happened to me. I think i was in 10th grade - so it must be around 16 years ago.
    250th anniversary of the death of King Louis. Pantheon. It was angry students of the Sorbonne.

    It was in the LeMonde the next day.

  4. Did the students there recognize the last leaf as one of O. Henry's?

  5. is there not enough in real life to appeal? can you not tell o henry as it is?
    i dont doubt this mans passion, but he scares me.