Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why they hate... Priceless!

From today's HaModia, p. A7. Needs no comment:

"If the chareidim are still able to smile despite living in a country that despises them, under a media that incites against them, it is only thanks to the unflagging efforts of the chareidi MKs, he ['a UTJ source'] says, adding that if they dared rest, the results would be devastating."


  1. because the Chareidi MKs are kedusha and kiddush HaShem personified. I see!

  2. Stunning, isn't it? Stunningly inane. Infantile. "Flabbergasted" is a good adjective!

  3. The great bastions of truth and fairness, Haaretz, YNet, Jerusalem Post, et al -- and of course the chiloni politicians -- OF COURSE do NOT do the exact opposite of the above Hamodia excerpt.

    They are the epitome of virtue and rightousness.

  4. One characteristic of Chareidi journalism is its complete lack of self-awareness.