Monday, March 11, 2013

Preview of the new hardcover cover, on the market next week


  1. Are there major differences from the 2nd edition? I bought the 2nd edition years ago and it's amazing. I wish other sifrei halacha (English and Hebrew!) were as well organzied and well written.


  2. Hi, Perhaps one day you'd like to present your review of Rav Yochanan Metzger's Eiruvei Ha'ir Vehashchunos.

    It's in Hebrew only, so the market is different.

  3. Herb:

    Appendix to the Third Edition: Some Practical Issues in the Field
    1. The “Side Top-Wire” Issue 121
    2. Brackets 124
    3. Lechi All the Way Down to the Ground 127
    4. Series of Consecutive Lechayayim 132
    5. Lechi Issues 134
    6. Omed Merubeh Issues 138
    7. Rabbi Jachter's Guidelines 143
    8. Acknowledgments 156
    9. Endnotes 157

    Also a new foreword (pp. VII-IX), additions to the "Additions and Corrections" section, which now comprises pp. 158-173, and an expanded "References to Sugyos" list on pp. 174-175.

    Someone else who also has the second edition wrote, after receiving the third edition:

    Received and a bargain at any price.

  4. are yoy involved with thisone too its from Chcago

    Or was it done because you where involoved with making the Erev in Chicago?

  5. Nothing to do with me and haven't seen it. Sorry!

  6. A suggestion: You might want to consider releasing the new Appendix as a Kindle ebook for $2.99. They pay authors 70% .

    For those like myself who have (and enjoy!)the 2nd edition but don't live in the USA so shipping adds a good deal, it would be a useful option.