Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Interactive Video Series: "Avodas Hashem for Grownups: HaMaspik L'Ovdei Hashem of R' Avraham ben HaRambam"

The Guide to Serving G-d

Beginning this Thursday night, Feb. 13th

11:00 pm- 11:20 pm EST

10:00-10:20 pm CST, 8:00-8:20 pm PST

 A new weekly va'ad via Google Hangouts  and youtube.com

 Avodas Hashem for Grownups 

 HaMaspik l'Ovdei Hashem 

 by Rabbeinu Avraham ben HaRambam 

From the Haskomos to the new translation:

Participate interactively through Google Hangout

Invitations to the Hangout will go out 

shortly before the shiur by prior request and via Google+.


Watch the live Simulcast at youtube.com/mtajt

The sefer is available in the outstanding new translated and annotated edition at

an annotated Arabic-Hebrew edition in pdf is at:

the older English translation in pdf is at:

a synopsis of the work in English by Reb Erich Kauffman is at:


  1. The link to the Arabic-Hebrew text is not for the same text as what you will be teaching. It is from a different section of Sefer HaMaspik, which is about hilchos tefillah.