Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The fuller First Knessia Gedola video with ID's

The full video. I recently met someone who said he strives to live in the 1920's. I recently was asked myself when I wish I would have lived. I said either at the beginning of the 20th century or between the wars. Those were heroic times! 
 (see http://www.abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/speeches/lyceum.htm)



מיי ומי ההולכים בצילום הנ"ל:

 הג"ר אברהם צבי פרלמוטר אב"ד ורשא ונציג אגו"י בסיים 0:27
האדמו"ר ר' ישראל פרידמן מצ'ורטקוב 0:47
רשכבה"ג נשיא הדורות החפץ חיים זי"ע 0:57
מלווה בבנו מצד אחד ומצד שני נכדו הגר"א קפלן הי"ד 0:57
האדמו"ר מסוקולוב ר' יצחק זליג מורגנשטרן הי"ד 1:47
הג"ר אשר מיכאל [דר. ארתור] כהן אב"ד באזל 1:57
הג"ר יהודא ליב צירלסון אב"ד קישנב הי"ד 2:05
הג"ר אלנן וסרמן הי"ד 2:22
ר' אשר מנדלסון מראשי אגו"י בפולין ונציג בסיים 2:28
הג"ר פנחס דר. קאהן אב"ד אנסבך 2:56
הג"ר טוביה הורויץ אב"ד סנוק 3:02
מורנו רבי יעקב רוזנהיים נשיא אגו"י 3:16
הג"ר אליהו [דר. ליאו] יונג רב ג'ואיש סנטר ניו יורק 3:55
הג"ר מאיר דר. הילדסהיימר מברלין 3:16
הרב שפיצר נציג אגו"י מהונגריה 3:58
הג"ר יחזקאל סרנא אח"כ ראש ישיבת חברון 4:13
רבי משה בלוי מירושלים 4:28
הג"ר טוביה דר. לוונשטיין אב"ד ציריך 4:34

 Kikar HaShabbat has a slightly different list: 

 אלו גדולי ישראל שתועדו עם "החפץ חיים" • מיוחד - כיכר השבת


  1. Whether or not one should want to live in the interbellum period appears to be a machloqes between Nachum ish Gamzu and Rabbi Aqiva. (Taanis 21a and even more so Y-mi Peah 8:8, vilna 27b, where the student, R' Aqiva, is named.) "... סליק לגבי' ר"ע א"ל אי לי שאני רואה אותך כך א"ל אי לי שאני אין רואה אותך בכך. א"ל מה את מקללני א"ל ומה את מבעט ביסורין."

    1. I fail to see relevance. Neither of us spoke about the 1920s nostalgically, that it was a pleasant time to live.

      You spoke about heroism, I replied saying that while Nachum ish Gamzu may have preferred living in a time that requires heroism, Rabbi Aqiva apparently disagreed.

      Although thinking about Rabbi Aqiva's mood when he was killed, there is more to Rabbi Aqiva's position than I was thinking when I commented.

    2. And. given what we've done to Orthodoxy in and since the post-Shoah reconstruction, one can objectively say that they had a better Judaism than we do. "Im harishonim kemal'akhim..." indeed.

      After all, once frumkeit replaced following the Torah, the typical frum Jew today if plunked into Pinchas ben Yair's donkey's position wouldn't bother refraining from work. That would require a hislahavus for the concept of Shabbos, rather than treating it as a list of checkboxes.

    3. No, no, I was not trying to counter your point. Just a mareh makom. I am in full agreement with you. Then again, since I believe in gilgulim, perhaps we were around back then and more successful!

  2. And had the first kenesiah not been postponed by WWI, R' Kook would have attended. He was invited and on his way when it was delayed by the war. RAYK was then trapped en route in Switzerland.

    The whole RZ / chareidi split may never have happened, if Zionists would have been grandfathered into the Agudah. (And therefore probably not MO / yeshivish either.) We would be back in a world where the Netziv and R' Chaim Brisker could run a yeshiva together despite the former being a Zionist and the latter very much anti-.