Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Toras Purim 5775 Part 2: Kayin, Agag, Haman

The Torah Sheleimah brings down a medrash on Kidmas Eden - where Kayin was banished - that Hayah Kayin Rosh La'Mis'adnim b'Olam Hazeh - the head of those who luxuriate in this world. But what kind of luxury?

The Izhbitzer on Vayeilech Elav Agag Ma'adonos (Mei Ha'Shilo'ach vol. 2) says that Ma'adanos indicates that Agag on the surface seemed naki b'middos (of a pure character) and possessed of yishuv ha'da'as - tranquillity and equanimity. It is in this respect that Amalek is like a pig (the Gemara at the beginning of Bava Kamma says this with reference to Esav) - as he extends his hooves and says he is tahor.

Rav Hutner (Pachad Yitzchok, Purim 29) extends the ma'adonos idea to Haman's ostensible kavod malchus shomayim (honoring Hashem) in offering the 10,000 talents of silver in lieu of the 600,000 half-shelkels.

I once asked HG"R Simcha Zissel Broide zt"l about the Slabodka perspective on Esav - and confirmed that it is that if he were to walk into a Beis Medrash he would walk in (figuratively) in a frock and homburg and we would perceive him as someone to put on the Mizrach.

The yetzer ho'ra of ta'avah - Achashverosh - is apparent. The yetzer ho'ra of kinah - Kayin, Agag, Haman - is not.

There is no kelipah of Yishmael identified by the Mekkubalim that has seeped into Am Yisroel. There is kelipah of Amalek.

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