Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ישראל בטח בה'

You know friends, to tell you the truth, to tell you the truth, it’s still Yom Kippur. Until there will be peace in the world, peace in Yerushalayim, it’s still Yom Kippur.
“Yisrael betach BaHaShem” [Israel trusts in G-d]. You know friends, sometimes it makes me sad, but sometimes it makes me happy; Israel has no friends in the world. The Holy Land, the Holy People of Israel, are all alone. “Hein Am Levodod yishkon.” But you know what we have? “Yisrael betach BaHaShem.” We have one Friend in Heaven. “Yisrael betach BaHaShem.”
-Shlomo Carlebach

We sang it in '73, we put it on bumper stickers in '73. My friend and chevrusa Reb Duv Fendel shlita, used to give us little stickers with it in '73. Its still just as true in '15. Now back to the little and the bumper stickers.



  1. I don't have sound here, but I think he says "HEN Am Levadad Yishkon"

    1. You're right. I remember it from the recording (I'm pretty sure it's the one with the famous cover of the soldier with the lulav). I fixed the post accordingly.

  2. Why does he say mostly mIginam hu rather than mAginam hu?