Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Toras Purim 5776: Achuz b'Chavlei Butz v'Argaman

In 5768 we were ma'arich on Chur, Karpas and Techeles. See

of course, we left out a very important nekudah: That when Mordechai goes out b'levush malchus he wears techeles  and chur, but no karpas. Why?

Because the tikkunim for chet ho'egel and chet ha'meraglim were accomplished. Achdus l'shem shomayim fixed achdus l'dvar aveirah. But the chet of Adam HaRishon was not fixed. Libi omer li that had Purim become assur b'melachah it would have been evidence of the tikkun of the original sin.

Now, in the first perek the CKuT is achuz b'chavlei butz v'argaman. Mordechai goes out b'tachrich butz v'argaman. By the seudah of Achashveirosh they are separate chavalim. But by Mordechai they are intertwined.

Butz is 98 in gematria. Clearly, the 98 punishments of the tochacha. Which come as a result of keri  - mikreh, the submission to Amalek, the middah ra'ah  of lo yerei Eloyim. (Its also linen - Kayin.)

Argaman is the antithesis, malchus. And we know from the processing of murex techeles that left unexposed to sun, it becomes argaman. Something above yirah. If you look in the Pri Tzaddik, Devarim 5 you will find that the first four letters are the initials of Uriel, Refael, Gavriel and Michael and the nun represents yichud KBH u'shechintei. And of course the word itself represents Dovid and malchus - and more, ayain sham.

By the seudah, the two materials were chavalim. Neither the oppression of galus had brought yirah, not the opulence of Seudas Achashveirosh brought real - regal - simchah.

Only through the yirah and simchah of the Purim story becoming intertwined was the sheleimus of tachrich accomplished. A fulfilment of the Tanna d'Bei Eliyahu: Ani yareisi me'toch simchasi v'samachti me'toch yir'asi and Gilu b'Re'adah.

Then the 98 can become the Mem-tes panim tahor and Mem-tes panim tamei of Torah she'b'al peh.

Just rashei perakim. Yishma chochom v'yosif lekach! 

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