Friday, March 25, 2016

Toras Shushan Purim 5776: Hamantaschen

So now it's after Purim and you have all those hamantaschen left.

Well there are major kavannos in eating them - although you must eat two.

For the gematriya of המן טאשען is 525, which corresponds to:

1. הוי"ה צבאו"ת
2. אנא הוי"ה הושיעא נא
3. פרנסה עד בלי די
4. זכו שכינה ביניהם
5. גוף ונפש

So, eaten with the proper intent, they allude to the Shem Hashem that is hidden in the Megillah.

And eating them constitutes a plea for:

1. Salvation in general.
2. Parnassah.
3. Shalom Bayis.

And thus they bring berachos in both the material (guf) and the spiritual (nefesh)!

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