Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Frumkeit? | Aspaqlaria

What is Frumkeit? | Aspaqlaria

Close to my heart! I love this piece from Alei Shur.


  1. It is possible that "frum" today is used the same way as "Orthodox". "Orthodox" was not a term chosen by the Torah-observant community but a label created by the Reform and Conservatives so they could have a reference term when discussed those who were still properly observant of the mitzvos. "Frum", to a large extent, is used like that. I doubt the majority of people who use it routinely are aware of its deeper meaning, just like most Heterodox who use the term "tikun olam" have no idea what it is really referring to.

  2. Are you related to Elias Bechhofer who is mentioned in this lecture about 40 minutes in?

  3. Frum is a Yiddish word, and therefore cannot be more than 800 years old, approximately.

    Rashi lived 1,000 years ago, therefore he never knew that word.
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