Thursday, July 07, 2011

Nachas Point and Daf Yomi Plug

From a note I recently received from a young man who had been a talmid of mine at Kushner. Nachas!

...I wanted to thank you for your guidance over the years especially in encouraging me to learn daf yomi even if for one mesechet.  i think learning that daf yomi changed my life.  Although if i relearned those mesechtot that i learned back then today i would understand the gemara on a different level just in the pshat, that commitment and learning i believe provided me with a shield from the pressures of Kushner and it was one of the main reasons Hakotel decided to accept me.  Today i feel comfortable learning my bikiyut with rashi and tosfot which is something in my wildest dreams i never thought i would do (let alone learn without artscroll!).  i can do this because i was accepted to Hakotel which facilitated my growth, zionism allowed me to mature by going to the army through them and really commit to my learning by spending 4 years in yeshiva in hesder.  i will probobly not become a rabbi, nor a teacher, but these years in yeshiva really have developed me into someone i am proud of an i would like to believe is considered a ben torah, and a give you a great portion of the credit.  Thank you for tolerating us/me, for guiding me, had i listened to Rabbi [Deleted]'s criticism of learning daf yomi and learning with artscroll, i probably would not be where i am today so i thank you.  Thank you!


  1. This is pretty great. I wanted to start Daf Yomi but I somehow forgot that they were starting Chullin the other week. Also I'm terrified of Kodshim.

  2. That's OK. Just don't forget to start Berachos next year!