Monday, July 11, 2011

V'hayah machanecha kadosh?

From a talmid:

Dear Rebbe,

I am currently in camp [deleted]. I can say with full certainty that this is the worst place on Earth. The institution preaches this silly pro-israel philosophy, in an attempt to galvanize a fervent zionistic passion within the kids here.. all of the kids could not care any less about israel! Yes obviously there are some people that care about the camp but for the most part, it is full of people that completely flout religious law, openly, in front of the camp's supervisors. Negiah, tznius, are all secondary to a silly passion for a jewish state most of them dont truly know a thing about. I personally follow israeli politics very religiously and i certainly wouldn't say im not pro israel, but this camp is just an insult. Im a lifeguard, there making us do mixed swimming which is totally ridiculous. I have some friends so I wont be killing myself, but the beis medresh is non existent and the rabbi isn't coming for another two weeks. This camp is the epitome of causing kids to have absolutely zero regard for religious values whatsoever, it is extremely frustrating. On the bright side, I have a very competent friend as my chavrusa next year, and the group as a whole is looking good.

This camp accomplishes so little, the environment is so religiously and morally depraved it is really absurd. Im sure many have questioned the authenticity of the Zionistic fervor here, and I certainly wont say this complaint is distinctively unique on my part.. but I can say that for a camp that is regarded as the most religious co-ed summer camp out there, it is truly a disgrace.

I look forward to keeping you posted about how things progress for me next year. I am entering the year with a very optimistic disposition so I think it will be productive for me, assuming I make it through the next 30 days.



  1. Zionist fervour is often invoked as an excuse for avoiding invoking religious fervour.
    To do both properly, now that's the challenge.

  2. not really such a challenge, as they complement each other.

  3. I went to Wild Rose forty years ago, and still remember the shenanigans. Baruch Hashem I was marginalized as the 'Frummie.'

  4. Maybe this kid should find a Satmer summer camp to work out. Ant-Zionism, hatred of other groups, devotion to Torah and avodah, late late minyanim, and plenty of boys to swim with and dunk in the mikveh with. He'll be very happy, I'm sure.

  5. Anonymous of Thursday, July 14, 2011 12:51:00 PM,

    I'm sorry you feel such anger. I know this sounds sanctimonious, but perhaps The Three Weeks would be a good time to work on Ahavas/Ahavat

  6. Co-ed camp and he expects it to be religious?!?