Friday, March 09, 2012

Toras Purim 5772 (Audio): Hamataschen

Recorded live "k'tov lev ha'melech ba'yayin"  at the Purim Se'udah.




  1. clever, cute and informative. sounds like your kids had a great time.

    avraham bukspan

  2. Why is it that for some people the Purim costume begins and ends with the hat?

  3. Quite obvious: The hat represents Kesser (as in the first sefirah, of which Da'as is the penimiyus). The chiddush of Purim is that try as they/we might - even to be mesalek the Da'as that is the penimiyus of Kesser - the Kesser itself is never severed - "Yechida l'Yachdach" - no matter what strange forms the outside takes, the internal link is always intact.

    Garnel, did you get the note I left you on your blog?