Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Charedi Chinuch Contretemps

Fierce haredi opposition to teaching basic studies in elementary schools | JPost | Israel News

Regardless of what I feel about the imposition of the "core curriculum" on Chadarim in EY, I strongly believe that it is a tragedy of epic proportions that there is no Charedi TIDE educational option in EY.

על דא ודאי קא בכינא


  1. Maarava, Yshuv, Yeshivat Bet Shemesh?

    It's hard to tell. When you're looking from an Israeli Chareidi perspective, it's hard to see whether something is attempting to be TiDE or American Yeshivish. Both assume far more contact with derekh eretz than the general Chareilli community.

    I last knew R' Baruch Chait when he was my HS principal in the 1970s at MHS i.e. R' Riskin's Mesivta Ohr Torah (Riverdale). I am inclined to believe that he would want Maarava to aspire to TiDE. But that's ignoring a person's potential for change in 33 years.

  2. There are one or two other such institutions as well. But they are shunned by the "mainstream" Israeli Charedi world, maligned by its leaders.

  3. Rav Berger, Rav Bechhofer

    You might find this interesting. A "camp" (held in a cheider) which was to have taught English was cancelled (fear of core curriculum)

  4. What do you mean by TIDE? Do you mean 'teach your son a trade?' which could mean carpentry? Do you mean math and science? Or do you mean real Hirschian TIDE with history, psychology, anthropology, natural science all tying back closely to Torah?