Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jewish Pi Day

Today mathematicians in countries where the digit for the month precedes the digits for the date celebrated Pi Day. According to our reckoning. our parallel day, the 14th day of the third month, would be 14 Sivan. This is a significant day, as according to the "psak" that the Torah was given on 7 Sivan, 14 Sivan is the day that Moshe Rabbeinu ascended from the cloud to Heaven (according to the pshat in Rashi that the seven days at the end of Parashas Mishpatim took place after Mattan Torah).

Pi as a fraction is most readily approximated as 22/7. (See the next post, on Alternative Jewish Pi Day.) The 22 represents the letters of the aleph-beis, the letters of the Torah and Hashro'as Ha'Shechinah. The 7 represents the days of the week and Olam HaZeh. It should follow that 22 represents the sefiros of iggulim and 7 the sefiros of yosher. The connection of Shomayim and Aretz, the connection of iggulim and yosher  - these are represented by Pi (the gimatriya of which, 90, is significant because the tzaddik yesod olam is the connector) is represented by the day in which a human being went for the first (and only) time from Aretz to Shomayim with the purpose of uniting the two (as opposed to Chanoch and Eliyahu who went in order to depart this world).

The thought process could continue taking 314 as a number - and noting its correspondence in gimatriya to the name שד-י. Another time, perhaps. In the meantime, tein l'chacham v'yechkam od.


  1. Pai is also Poalei Agudas Yisroel. Al pi hatorah asher yorucha.

  2. See this article by Rav Ginsburg: