Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Toras Purim 5775 Part 3: A Couple of Random Remazim Noticed During Mikrah Megillah


Mishloach Manos means to send one maneh and other maneh. HaMelech and Haman - the adversaries of the Megillah - are each 95 in gematria. So is maneh. Two manos are the two 95. Ish l'rayaihu. Mordechai is the Ish Yehudi and Rayaihu - Haman ha'Ra ha'zeh.


Lech kenos es kol ha'Yehudim. See what we wrote at about kiso, ka'aso, koso. Kenos is also a breaking of the concealment. What breaks it? Well kenos is 136 in gematria - tzom, kol, mammom, as in teshuva tefilla u'tzedaka. The nun-vav that actually break apart the kisui are 56 - 4 times yad (14). If we stretch out our hands to Heaven, middah k'neged middah, kivyachol Hashem extends His hands towards us.

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  1. My high school aged son says the word הנהלה is also gematria 95