Sunday, October 01, 2017

Headlines Radio on Aliyah l'Har HaBayis, including an interview with your humble servant...

9/30/17 Aliya L

9/30/17 Aliya L’Har Habayis - 
And Aliya Liregel Bzman Hazeh

with Rabbi Yosef Rabin - Tel Talpiyos Organization
with Rabbi Nachman Kahane - Rav Chazon Yechezkel Muslim Quarter
with Rabbi Gavriel Bechhofer - Noted Rav and Mechaber Seforim
with Rabbi Yosef Greenwald - Dayan in Givat Zeev, Bais Havaad
My name was is spelled wrong on the Headlines website. I fixed it for posting on the blog. :-)

My relatively short segment (about 15 minutes) begins at about 1:15:48.

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