Monday, October 16, 2017

Daily Davening Discourses

As one of my kabbolos from this past Yom Kippur, I will be giving IYH a Daily Davening Discourse on the Siddur, The Beurei Tefillah will be primarily from the Siddur that inspires me every Yomim Noro'im, the Otzar HaTefillos - specifically focusing on the Dover and Acharis Sholom and the Anaf Yosef. The Discourses will be no more than 15 minutes each, broadcast live and archived on youtube. I am tentatively scheduling them nightly (Monday through Thursday) at 6:30 pm beginning a week from today. I am  open to and welcome suggestions and requests! Please share, and may we all be zocheh to enhance our Avodas Hashem!


  1. Daily Davening Discourses Delivered. :-)

  2. ... and of course anything on your YouTube channel will show up in audio podcast an hour or two later at